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With the help of Erin Woodman, I have a much better idea about the music scene both here at Saint Michael’s College and around Burlington. Erin told me about her love of the band “We The Kings”. This was interesting to me because I also used to really enjoy their music and they seemed to lose a following when I was in high school  so it was cool for me to know that they are actually still pretty big. Apparently there is even a group of people here at Saint Michael’s College that meet up once in awhile to listen to their music “in an effort to keep them relevant to our age group”.

Erin Woodman, 20, a sophomore here at Saint Michael’s College, has been listening to their music since she was pretty young. “I remember when they were much bigger than they are now, those were the days!” she says. Erin told me all about the Burlington music scene and how it is the job or concert venues to bring in the acts that will bring in the money. It is their job to bring in who everyone is going to pay to see.

When I asked her how much she was willing to pay for a ticket to We The Kings, she said she would pay up to $50 . This seems like it would be a lucrative concert if people are willing to pay that much for one ticket, so why haven’t they come to Burlington Vermont since 2009? Erin says, “Because the interest is only there for a smaller and smaller number of people”.

“I made lots of friends because of our love of similar music. I wish it was still that easy.”

What if it is? Looks like I have some more research to do!


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My name is Haley and I am a sophomore at St. Michael's College. I am a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major. I have a great group of friends, great classmates and great professors. My interest in media grows everyday and I am loving every second of it!

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