Lisa Shannon for the Congo

Lisa Shannon has been working since 2005 to stop the horrific rapes and torture that happens to the people of Congo everyday. Her talk was about what she has done, where she has been. the people she has met and the storie she has been able to share. It was a popular event on campus because of the current change that is going on. The SMC for DRC organization had become a sanctioned St. Michael’s College club. This is a club that is dedicated to doing exactly what Lisa has been doing. Also, this event is one of many on this topic to happen on campus and it has been a crowd gathering topic in the past.

Lisa Shannon for the Congo

Live Tweeting Project

  1. “We are all carrying a little piece of Congo in our pockets, our cells phones” – @Lisa Shannon #MJD219 #Congo
  2. “Lisa has a heart that beats halfway around the world” – Professor Gagne #MJD219 #Congo
  3. Americans cannot handle more than one international crisis at a time? I don’t believe that either Lisa.
  4. Lisa Shannon, an incredible speech that raises so many question and so much awareness about rape in the Congo #MJD219 #Congo 
  5. Many Congolese people came out to hear Lisa’s speech and to share their stories. Every word is so unbelievable. #MJD219 #Congo
  6. “They don’t need to come to America, they need peace.”  #MJD219 #Congo
  7. “We finally feel like the administration is moving a little bit, but it is not enough” A statement from an audience member. #MJD219 #Congo
  8. 400,000 women and children were raped in the Congo in 2006-2007 #Congo #MJD219
  9. McCarthy is packed tonight to listen to the horrific stories Lisa brought with her, to learn what her cause is all about l. #Congo #MJD219

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My name is Haley and I am a sophomore at St. Michael's College. I am a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major. I have a great group of friends, great classmates and great professors. My interest in media grows everyday and I am loving every second of it!

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