MJD219 assignment, all about MJD219.

Our class has to create a Storify story with all random tweets and posts about #MJD219..

  1. Learning to live tweet by watching a eulogy for #princessdiana. My #mjd219 students @saintmichaels told me they were 4 when she died. #feelingold #adjunctproblems
  2. Interactive and respectful environment, along with comfy couches. Overall a studying paradise #MJD219
  3. Back in Bergeron! Great crew for #mjd219, looking forward to this semester! #smcvt #vt #firstday
  4. Sam Davies, ’15, hard at work on his Global Comm project. #MJD219 t.co/4j39Qyeg5y
  5. Global Comm students at #smcvt are breathing a sigh of relief as the first phase of their websites were due today #MJD219 #MJDprobs
  6. Interview a few students about baseball and their opinion on the ALCS #MJD219 #ALCS
  7. Breast Cancer panel in Cheray 111 at 7 PM. Interested to hear some new & fascinating perspectives on the topic. #mjd219
  8. Karyn Williams ’16 on the break: “The only thing keeping me motivated is the fact that I’ll be home in two days.” #mjd219 #lovelongweekends



About Haley

My name is Haley and I am a sophomore at St. Michael's College. I am a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major. I have a great group of friends, great classmates and great professors. My interest in media grows everyday and I am loving every second of it!

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