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Google+ Hangout #HangoutAbroad




For the class project creating the Google+ Hangout, my job was to market and promote the hangout. I created posts for both Facebook and Twitter that would promote this event. I also retweeted many of my classmates posts. I felt like all bombarding the audience of our Facebook and Twitter accounts was not necessarily the most effective way to get our point across so i also did a lot of verbal promotion of the event. I cannot really put any proof of that in this post but I know my roommate and I watched the Hangout together and that 5 of my other friends watched it from their rooms as well. I am hoping other people got their friends to watch and to spread the word about the event. Overall I would say that there were definitely some hangups and wrinkles that should be ironed out if this were to ever happen again in the future, but for the first try I would say we did a good job.


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Tattooing in Burlington, VT

My crowd sourcing question was about good tattoo shops in Burlington and if anyone had any favorites. I immediately got a response and took this opportunity to conduct a Facebook Chat interview. This picture was taken right away and more responds did come in afterward. My interview was with a girl that went to my high school, Tara Conover. She is a year younger than me and we never really talked much. When I was interviewing her, she was telling me all about her tattoo and how it meant so much to her. She was telling me why she got it and how awesome the tattoo shop, Body Art Tattoo, and the artist were. Tara began asking me about my tattoo and said that she highly recommends the shop and agreed to let me know if she had any new tattoo experiences she thought I might like to hear about. This was a super fast and easy way to get information and also to get to know someone that I had not previously had any kind of friendship with. Thank you Tara!