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Google+ Hangout #HangoutAbroad




For the class project creating the Google+ Hangout, my job was to market and promote the hangout. I created posts for both Facebook and Twitter that would promote this event. I also retweeted many of my classmates posts. I felt like all bombarding the audience of our Facebook and Twitter accounts was not necessarily the most effective way to get our point across so i also did a lot of verbal promotion of the event. I cannot really put any proof of that in this post but I know my roommate and I watched the Hangout together and that 5 of my other friends watched it from their rooms as well. I am hoping other people got their friends to watch and to spread the word about the event. Overall I would say that there were definitely some hangups and wrinkles that should be ironed out if this were to ever happen again in the future, but for the first try I would say we did a good job.


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Google plus really seems like another Facebook to me except with a few more features. The concept for marketing and advertising a product or getting your news out there real seems about the same. Putting a story with a picture or a video is the most popular way to get a story out there. CNN seems to really be doing a really great job of connecting people to their stories and drawing attention to their page. This is an example of a specific post that does just that..


Hurley is the company that I found to be a really great example of an attentive brand. They update their profile regularly and promote their products with picture and video in every post. Using visuals like these pictures and videos is a really great way to draw the attention of the reader.


Gooogle+ does not only allow for the same type of promotion as Facebook but it brings another tool to the table. Google Hangout is very similar to skyping but it gives people the opportunity for face to face interaction with multiple people at one time. This, if done by a company or news source, allows the viewers and readers to get a behind the scenes look and therefore be more loyal to that specific group of people or news source.