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Verification – Social Media Panel

While watching the social media panel, although it was informative, annoyed me more than anything else. The first topic they discussed was ‘verification.’ This whole conversation was about “retweeting.” To me this seems like a very minuscule aspect of what Twitter is. I felt like they were dissecting every single part of small action that is in itself a very small action. I just felt like it was going overboard.

To respond specifically to the discussion the panel was having, I would say that a good point about ‘endorsement’ was made. Whether or not retweeting something counts as you endorsing it is a matter of opinion and in my opinion the question is not whether or not it counts as an endorsement or not but exactly what endorsement means. Endorsement could mean that you want to be associated with whatever it is that you’re retweeting. It could also mean that you do not necessarily want to be associated with all the values of whatever company you’re retweeting. You might just like that particular tweet, you can relate to it or think it is funny or maybe think it is a good fact that others might want to know.

On another note from the panel discussion, verification also relates to the validity of information. There is an intense pressure to verify information in real time, this pressure can make good journalists make stupid mistakes. Once a mistake is published, it is out there for good. Even printing a retraction or a correction can never guarantee that everyone who saw the original mistake will see the change.

What verification comes down to is giving and receiving information in real time, and how that information is interpreted. The panel helped me see more to verification and what that means for journalists in the changing society we are dealing with today.



Tumblr is confusing for me still, I have not had much time to go through and real get a good hold on how to use ii and what is all about but from what I have seen the news source that does the best job is the Burlington Free Press. They use large pictures with easy to access stories. The whole blog is very user friendly. THe big pictures make it much more attractive than the typical Tumblr blog. Vermont has so many beautiful things to offer and this blog does a fantastic job of showing these things off.


Alex and Ani is the company I found to do the best job with keeping their Tumblr account up to date. it is eye catching with a white background and a lied layout of pictures. I found that while going over the blog I was not overwhelmed and actually enjoyed the content that was presented. Alex and Ani sticks to their typical brand and familiar logo which attracts the fan base that they have been gathering a such a rapid  pace.