Verification – Social Media Panel

While watching the social media panel, although it was informative, annoyed me more than anything else. The first topic they discussed was ‘verification.’ This whole conversation was about “retweeting.” To me this seems like a very minuscule aspect of what Twitter is. I felt like they were dissecting every single part of small action that is in itself a very small action. I just felt like it was going overboard.

To respond specifically to the discussion the panel was having, I would say that a good point about ‘endorsement’ was made. Whether or not retweeting something counts as you endorsing it is a matter of opinion and in my opinion the question is not whether or not it counts as an endorsement or not but exactly what endorsement means. Endorsement could mean that you want to be associated with whatever it is that you’re retweeting. It could also mean that you do not necessarily want to be associated with all the values of whatever company you’re retweeting. You might just like that particular tweet, you can relate to it or think it is funny or maybe think it is a good fact that others might want to know.

On another note from the panel discussion, verification also relates to the validity of information. There is an intense pressure to verify information in real time, this pressure can make good journalists make stupid mistakes. Once a mistake is published, it is out there for good. Even printing a retraction or a correction can never guarantee that everyone who saw the original mistake will see the change.

What verification comes down to is giving and receiving information in real time, and how that information is interpreted. The panel helped me see more to verification and what that means for journalists in the changing society we are dealing with today.


Google+ Hangout #HangoutAbroad




For the class project creating the Google+ Hangout, my job was to market and promote the hangout. I created posts for both Facebook and Twitter that would promote this event. I also retweeted many of my classmates posts. I felt like all bombarding the audience of our Facebook and Twitter accounts was not necessarily the most effective way to get our point across so i also did a lot of verbal promotion of the event. I cannot really put any proof of that in this post but I know my roommate and I watched the Hangout together and that 5 of my other friends watched it from their rooms as well. I am hoping other people got their friends to watch and to spread the word about the event. Overall I would say that there were definitely some hangups and wrinkles that should be ironed out if this were to ever happen again in the future, but for the first try I would say we did a good job.


Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.12.53 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.11.59 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.10.45 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.10.31 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.09.43 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.09.02 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-22 at 4.13.11 PM




MJD219 assignment, all about MJD219.

Our class has to create a Storify story with all random tweets and posts about #MJD219..

  1. Learning to live tweet by watching a eulogy for #princessdiana. My #mjd219 students @saintmichaels told me they were 4 when she died. #feelingold #adjunctproblems
  2. Interactive and respectful environment, along with comfy couches. Overall a studying paradise #MJD219
  3. Back in Bergeron! Great crew for #mjd219, looking forward to this semester! #smcvt #vt #firstday
  4. Sam Davies, ’15, hard at work on his Global Comm project. #MJD219
  5. Global Comm students at #smcvt are breathing a sigh of relief as the first phase of their websites were due today #MJD219 #MJDprobs
  6. Interview a few students about baseball and their opinion on the ALCS #MJD219 #ALCS
  7. Breast Cancer panel in Cheray 111 at 7 PM. Interested to hear some new & fascinating perspectives on the topic. #mjd219
  8. Karyn Williams ’16 on the break: “The only thing keeping me motivated is the fact that I’ll be home in two days.” #mjd219 #lovelongweekends


Lisa Shannon for the Congo

Lisa Shannon has been working since 2005 to stop the horrific rapes and torture that happens to the people of Congo everyday. Her talk was about what she has done, where she has been. the people she has met and the storie she has been able to share. It was a popular event on campus because of the current change that is going on. The SMC for DRC organization had become a sanctioned St. Michael’s College club. This is a club that is dedicated to doing exactly what Lisa has been doing. Also, this event is one of many on this topic to happen on campus and it has been a crowd gathering topic in the past.

Lisa Shannon for the Congo

Live Tweeting Project

  1. “We are all carrying a little piece of Congo in our pockets, our cells phones” – @Lisa Shannon #MJD219 #Congo
  2. “Lisa has a heart that beats halfway around the world” – Professor Gagne #MJD219 #Congo
  3. Americans cannot handle more than one international crisis at a time? I don’t believe that either Lisa.
  4. Lisa Shannon, an incredible speech that raises so many question and so much awareness about rape in the Congo #MJD219 #Congo 
  5. Many Congolese people came out to hear Lisa’s speech and to share their stories. Every word is so unbelievable. #MJD219 #Congo
  6. “They don’t need to come to America, they need peace.”  #MJD219 #Congo
  7. “We finally feel like the administration is moving a little bit, but it is not enough” A statement from an audience member. #MJD219 #Congo
  8. 400,000 women and children were raped in the Congo in 2006-2007 #Congo #MJD219
  9. McCarthy is packed tonight to listen to the horrific stories Lisa brought with her, to learn what her cause is all about l. #Congo #MJD219

Late Night Gym Time

Last night, when I went to the gym, it was much more crowded than usual. I decided to find out why. By asking the other people at the gym I have come up with a set of social media posts that explain just that. It seems that the course load this year is heavy for many of the students around campus. Also, the TV’s in the gym along with the lime green walls give the gym goers an energetic feeling. After a long day of classes, homework and meetings, this is just the helpful push these students needed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.08.11 AM







Google plus really seems like another Facebook to me except with a few more features. The concept for marketing and advertising a product or getting your news out there real seems about the same. Putting a story with a picture or a video is the most popular way to get a story out there. CNN seems to really be doing a really great job of connecting people to their stories and drawing attention to their page. This is an example of a specific post that does just that..


Hurley is the company that I found to be a really great example of an attentive brand. They update their profile regularly and promote their products with picture and video in every post. Using visuals like these pictures and videos is a really great way to draw the attention of the reader.


Gooogle+ does not only allow for the same type of promotion as Facebook but it brings another tool to the table. Google Hangout is very similar to skyping but it gives people the opportunity for face to face interaction with multiple people at one time. This, if done by a company or news source, allows the viewers and readers to get a behind the scenes look and therefore be more loyal to that specific group of people or news source.


Tumblr is confusing for me still, I have not had much time to go through and real get a good hold on how to use ii and what is all about but from what I have seen the news source that does the best job is the Burlington Free Press. They use large pictures with easy to access stories. The whole blog is very user friendly. THe big pictures make it much more attractive than the typical Tumblr blog. Vermont has so many beautiful things to offer and this blog does a fantastic job of showing these things off.


Alex and Ani is the company I found to do the best job with keeping their Tumblr account up to date. it is eye catching with a white background and a lied layout of pictures. I found that while going over the blog I was not overwhelmed and actually enjoyed the content that was presented. Alex and Ani sticks to their typical brand and familiar logo which attracts the fan base that they have been gathering a such a rapid  pace.

Forever Pinterest

One company that I believe is using Pinterest really well is Forever 21. They are able to not only display their clothing effectively but to give outfit ideas which, in itself is a marketing tool. They have different boards for tons of different categories and you can absolutely find some that has things that interest you. These boards are very specific:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.05.23 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.04.01 PM






Another really effective thing that Forever 21 takes advantage of is putting discounts and things like that on Pinterest for the Pinterest community to take advantage of. This allows Pinterest to pull its own weight when it comes to social media. Many Forever 21 fans would join Pinterest purely for the discounts they could get. This opens their consumer up to a whole  new world, the world of Pinterest.

Creating a How-To Pinterest board is a really good way to keep people interested in their products. It allows people to keep and love the Forever 21 style, without forcing them to spend the money. This may seem like a really silly thing to do, but it is working pretty effectively for Forever 21:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.19.50 PM







I really think that if you want to have a successful Pinterest account, Forever 21 is the company to follow.


A news organization than I think does a really great job utilizing Pinterest is CNN. They use different boards to organize their different news. They have boards for other parts of the world, or different parts of the news. This is a really great way to allow people to organize which ape of news they want to follow. If you want to follow only inspiring stories, then you can…

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 2.43.24 PM








They are very active on Pinterest and update their boards daily. If you want to look at an organization that is effectively using Pinterest then CNN is the place to go.

Music, Friends and Burlington, Vermont

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 8.21.27 PM

Whenever you overhear a conversation around campus or walk by a dorm building on almost any day of the week, you are most likely going to overhear something music related. Whether it is a conversation about music, a concert that just happened or you actually hear someone else’s music playing, it is almost impossible to avoid music. Especially on a college campus, and even more so when that college is in Burlington, Vermont. For some reason, Burlington has become a hub for the music lovers and the musically inclined to come and enjoy the things they love. There are record and music shops on every corner, poster salesmen in every lobby and up-and-coming artists trying to get their name out there in every restaurant, pub and bar in site. Living in an area such as this, it is hard not to find yourself focusing on music more in your everyday life.

This made me curious about what music people are looking for and what effect music has on the way you live you life, namely, who you choose to surround yourself with. I reached out to my social networks and used my own voice to get some answers that helped to shed some light on why music is one of the hot topics and why it is not going anywhere.

When asked what artist or musical group people wanted to see come to Burlington, and how much they would spend on a ticket, they answers were pretty diverse. Miley Cyrus, Snoop Lion, Lorde and Iron and Wine.






These performers are in demand in Burlington, Vermont. From left to right, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Lion, Lorde and Iron and Wine.

Burlington is definitely a starting out point for many struggling musicians and artists. So, in addition to knowing which performers people wanted to see, I also found how how much they were willing to spend on a ticket to their show. The prices ranged from about $25-$150.  This seemed fairly reasonable but are these people saying they are willing to spend that much or when it comes down to it will they not be at that show?

Another aspect of music that I find intriguing is the effect of music on friendships. Many times, in a group of friends, they will all have similar musical taste. I know that this was definitely the case in my high school. I have notice a much smaller appearance of this trend in college but I wanted other peoples opinions. So I interviewed two of the responders to my previous questions.

Katie McKenny is a sophomore Education and English double major here at St. Michael’s College. When asked “Do you think that people are drawn together and thereby create friend groups based on similar musical taste?” She said, “Yes, but I don’t think it is a defining part of every friendship. People can have different tastes in music and still be friends. It strengthens that bond when they can share any interest, including music.”

Another interviewee gave some insight about why music is such an important part of peoples lives. Brie Stephen, a resident of Rutland, Vermont, when asked why music is such a big topic in the lives of so many people, said, “Because music is the common thread between all language. With music you can communicate even if you dont speak the same language.”



This really explains my observation about friend groups listening to similar music. It is the common thread that ties them together. In addition to talking to people and getting other opinions, following the local music venues such as Higher Ground and local music groups of Facebook, really gave me new insight into what Burlington, Vermont and friendship in general are all about.


images Unknown


Twitter Crowdsourcing

With the help of Erin Woodman, I have a much better idea about the music scene both here at Saint Michael’s College and around Burlington. Erin told me about her love of the band “We The Kings”. This was interesting to me because I also used to really enjoy their music and they seemed to lose a following when I was in high school  so it was cool for me to know that they are actually still pretty big. Apparently there is even a group of people here at Saint Michael’s College that meet up once in awhile to listen to their music “in an effort to keep them relevant to our age group”.

Erin Woodman, 20, a sophomore here at Saint Michael’s College, has been listening to their music since she was pretty young. “I remember when they were much bigger than they are now, those were the days!” she says. Erin told me all about the Burlington music scene and how it is the job or concert venues to bring in the acts that will bring in the money. It is their job to bring in who everyone is going to pay to see.

When I asked her how much she was willing to pay for a ticket to We The Kings, she said she would pay up to $50 . This seems like it would be a lucrative concert if people are willing to pay that much for one ticket, so why haven’t they come to Burlington Vermont since 2009? Erin says, “Because the interest is only there for a smaller and smaller number of people”.

“I made lots of friends because of our love of similar music. I wish it was still that easy.”

What if it is? Looks like I have some more research to do!